Glenfarg Community Benefit Fund

Lochelbank Community Fund

Applications now being accepted  . . .

Who can apply for a grant? Constituted community groups, not-for-profit organisations and registered charities working to benefit people in the Glenfarg Community Council area will be able to apply for a grant.

Micro grants from the community council will also be available to individuals or groups without a constitution for purposes that will benefit the local community.

What size of grants is available? Organisations will be able to apply for small grants between £250 and £2,500. Applications above £2,500 will be considered in exceptional circumstances, where significant and wider community benefit can be demonstrated. Grants should be spent within 12 months of any award made.

Micro grants are awarded for costs up to £250. Please give as much detail as possible in your application, including approximate costings.

How can I apply? A different application form must be used for each size of grant. These are available from Foundation Scotland and can be downloaded from
or by contacting the Foundation on 0141 341 4960
or emailing

When should I apply? Check here for the latest deadline information.

For a Micro Grant award, apply at any time to the secretary of the community council, who will supply the application form.

Ian Pilmer, secretary, Glenfarg CC
4 East Blair Cottage, Glenfarg


Micro Grant Application Forms Available

or download from here download form