Glenfarg Community Council – Minutes

Monday 5th March 2018
Arngask Church Hall

PRESENT: CCllrs Horsman, Loudon, Mcleish, Pilmer, Ponton, Taylor, Watson
Also present - Cllrs Purves & Watters, 4 members of the public
1. APOLOGIES: Cllrs Barnacle and Robertson, CCllr Heser, Community Police Officer Stapleton
This meeting, planned to take place in the village hall meeting room, had to be held in Arngask Church Hall. CCllr Ponton thanked Bill Macpherson (Church Session Clerk) for arranging this at short notice.
Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed. Proposed CCllr Taylor, seconded CCllr Horsman
An update on action points from the previous meeting were reported as follows –

VAS signs: A pole has been positioned by the hanging baskets, not exactly as expected but acceptable. A speed sign showing the driver’s speed is still to be installed. 

Telephone Box Greenbank Road:  CCllr Horsman reported that BT had acknowledged our payment for the adoption of the box. We are to be informed when the box has been decommissioned. The power supply will continue.

Wall at the north end of Main Street: CCllr Ponton has been in contact with the owners of the nearby house. The work was being carried out by employees of Fordel Farms and the pavement has now been cleared.

PKC Budget Consultation Website: On behalf of the CC, CCllr Taylor has posted comments re funding for roads clearance / gritting.

4. MATTERS ARISING (not covered on the Agenda)
There were no other matters arising.

CCllr Watson had sought the thoughts of the community on the preservation of the medieval statue, both through the newsletter and the Grapevine. Residents were asked to contact the CC secretary. CCllr Pilmer reported that he had only received two replies, one for preservation but unable to offer practical help, one against preservation on the grounds of cost. There had been only a very small number of comments on the Grapevine, some for and some against preservation.

CCllr Ponton reported that the Glenfarg Improvement Team were willing to provide manpower, but fundraising would still be required. It was decided that the CC was unwilling to get involved with fundraising. The preservation Group are to be informed.
                                                                                                                                      CCllr Louden
Nothing to report.

CCllr Pilmer reported as follows
Erection of a dwellinghouse (in principle)
Land 20 Metres South Of Scarhead Cottage, Glenfarg
Ref. No: 18/00081/IPL. No objection
Ref. No: 17/02258/FLL. No GCC objection.

Erection of 2no. dwellinghouses Open for Comment
Land 100 Metres North West Of Glendy Steading, Glenfarg
Ref. No: 18/00133/FLL. The Community Council received correspondence concerning this application by the proposed developers and other members of the public. Thereafter, a comment was lodged with Perth & Kinross Council.

Alterations and extension to farm buildings Open for Comment
Colliston Farm, Drunzie, Glenfarg
Ref. No: 18/00161/FLL. No objection

Renewal of permission 10/00638/FLL (erection of 3 dwellinghouses) Open for Comment
Prinns Smithy, Glenfarg, Cupar
Ref. No: 18/00250/FLL. This matter was taken up previously by the Community Council for Auchtermuchty, Gateside and Strathmiglo and not Glenfarg Community Council. No comment unless requested by other parties.

Part change of use from dwellinghouse (class 9) to nursery (class 10)
2 Greenbank Crescent Glenfarg Perth PH2 9NS
Ref. No: 17/02258/FLL. Approved

Alterations and extension to dwellinghouse including raising the ridge height
Glendale Duncrievie Glenfarg Perth PH2 9PD
Ref. No: 17/02241/FLL. Approved

CCllr Ponton reported that she had received a communication from one of the applicants and had invited them to the CC meeting to discuss their concerns. They were not in attendance. CCllr Pilmer emphasised that the CC has no greater sway over the Planning Department's decision than any other interested party. The CC's comments are available on the Planning Applications section of the PKC website.

CCllr Pilmer had received the following report –

There have been no incidents of note over the past month but there has been a recent housebreaking in Crook of Devon and another in Milnathort.
A few simple things to remember if driving in this weather – sufficient fuel to cover any delays or breakdowns, fully charged mobile phone, for a long trip advise when departing and arrival time expected, warm clothing in car and details of insurer / breakdown provider if you have to contact them.

CCllr Horsman had compiled the Treasurer's Report as follows.
Expenditures: Village Hall – £12
This balance is made up as follows :













At 8th January 2018




















Income/Expenditures since last meeting:
Income – Newsletter shop tin and Advertisers £793
Expenditures – Tayside Contracts (Christmas Lights) £285.60, Newsletter printing £195, Purchase of BT Phonebox £1, Newsletter Prizes £100

Income – Nil
Expenditures – Brownies £250.00

No change
TOTAL FUNDS HELD £12,217 at 5th March 2018

10. AOCB:

Drawings of Glenfarg by Jim Douglas: CCllr Ponton reported that she had contacted the previous printers of these drawings. They held printing blocks but the drawings had never been digitised. It should therefore be possible to digitise the drawings and have them printed anywhere.                                                                        CCllr Ponton
Binn Farm Forum: CCllrs Pilmer and Ponton had attended a meeting with representatives from the other 3 community councils (Abernethy, Bridge of Earn, Strathmiglo) who could be part of a renewable energy project at Binn Farm. Greencat Renewables are suggesting a revival of the project to build 4 wind turbines on the site. They are suggesting community ownership.
Friends of Wallace Park: There is now a constituted group working towards improvements in Wallace Park. This has recently been advertised and residents are invited to take part. There is information on the village website ( and the group's secretary can be contacted on
Diane Cassidy (PKC) is working with the group and there is the possibility of the services of a PKC architect. The school, scouts and the tennis club have all been approached to take part. Cllr Watters suggested the use of an on-line questionnaire which had been used in similar situations and may be made available to us.
Roads and Footpaths: The state of the roads and pavements, and the lack of snow clearance were discussed. CCllr Taylor had expressed our concerns by using the PKC Budget Consultation online.
Cllr Purves explained that Category 1 roads had to be given priority and, with continuing snowfall making a revisit necessary, Category 2 & 3 roads may not be reached. Cllr Watters felt that the roads department had done well in the circumstances.
Repairs – it is now PKC policy not to patch potholes, except in emergencies. Potholes in Glenfarg, such as at the crossroads at Ladeside, have been patched and it was felt that a full review of the problems was necessary. Our councillors agreed to meet with community councillors to walk around affected areas. 
                                                                                            CCllrs Ponton & Horsman
Perth and Kinross Council Budget: Cllr Purves had provided the CC with details of the recent PKC budget. He explained that there was a need to save £55 million over the next 5 years. It was felt that there had been an inequality in services between the Perth area and more rural areas. This was to be addressed and £1.2 million has been made available as a local investment fund for local projects.
CCllr Ponton highlighted a problem with the bus service, as the service had to bypass Glenfarg during the bad weather. Could the priority list for road clearance be changed to ensure bus routes have higher priority? Cllr Purves to investigate.
Tree cutting in the Glen: There has recently been work carried out in the Glen to cut back overhanging branches, which has left unsightly, ragged edges and debris. It was not known if this was done by PKC workmen or contractors.
Emergency Plan: It was felt that the Emergency Plan needed updating. CCllr Pilmer
Defibrillator Insurance: CCllr Pilmer reported that the defibrillator beside the shop was not insured. The shop has offered to include it in their existing insurance. CCllr Ponton asked if this would involve additional costs for them.                 CCllr Pilmer
Bein Inn: It was noted that the Bein Inn appears to be closed. The reason for this is not known.

The next meeting of the Community Council (AGM) will be held on 7th May, 7.30pm in Arngask Church Hall