Glenfarg Community Council – Minutes

Monday 9th July 2018
Glenfarg Village Hall

PRESENT: CCllrs Ponton (Chair), Mcleish, Pilmer, Taylor, Watson,
Also present:  Cllrs Robertson & Watters,  and 4 member of public
APOLOGIES: Cllr, Purves, CCllrs Heser, Horsman, Loudon.
Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed. Proposed CCllr Taylor, seconded CCllr Pilmer
An update on action points from the previous meeting were reported as follows –
Phonebox: CCllr Horsman had provided a report. The disconnection has been delayed and BT are unable to provide a definitive date. CCllr Horsman will chase again on a monthly basis. It has been confirmed that BT will continue to responsible for the electrical supply and its payment. If they need to disconnect this in the future they will make us aware so that we can organise something else. They state they are only responsible to the point of the fusebox, beyond this any faults are the responsibility of the CC.                                                                                    Ongoing

Road and paths: CCllrs Horsman and Ponton had walked round the village with Gary McConnell (PKC), and Cllrs Robertson and Purves. Garry commented that although some drains and roads looked poor they were not at a point of being a priority. He stated that there was an ongoing schedule of work to be completed before new work could be added. The flooding problem at the Duncrievie Road / Ladeside junction is to be investigated as soon as possible. Other work would probably fall into the next schedule.  A member of the public raised the problem of the soakaway on Duncrievie Road opposite the park. Cllr Robertson suggested that the CC write to Gary about this, and the mid-Ladeside drain.                                                                        CCllr Ponton                  

Liability Insurance for Defib: CCllr Horsman had provided a report. He had not been able to find out information on this as yet but will try to contact Kinross who have installed several recently. The electricity cost is still being negotiated.  Ongoing

3. MATTERS ARISING (not covered on the Agenda)
There were no other matters arising.
CCllr Pilmer reported as follows
Alterations and extension to dwellinghouse
Edenhead Main Street Glenfarg Perth PH2 9NY
Ref. No: 18/01160/FLL | Received: Tue 03 Jul 2018 | Validated: Tue 03 Jul 2018 | Status: Awaiting decision

Change of use of public road turning area to form private access, extension to dwellinghouse and erection of a garage
15 Elm Row Glenfarg Perth PH2 9PQ
Ref. No: 18/01043/FLL | Received: Thu 14 Jun 2018 | Validated: Thu 14 Jun 2018 | Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of a dwellinghouse
Land 70 Metres North West Of Katiesdyke Newfargie Glenfarg
Ref. No: 18/00900/FLL | Received: Thu 24 May 2018 | Validated: Fri 01 Jun 2018 | Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of four wind turbines and ancillary infrastructure
Binn Eco Park Wind Farm Glenfarg
Ref. No: 18/00865/FLL | Received: Mon 21 May 2018 | Validated: Tue 29 May 2018 | Status: Awaiting decision

 Change of use and alterations to steading to form extension to dwellinghouse
Easter Deuglie Glenfarg Perth PH2 9QJ
Ref. No: 18/00842/FLL | Received: Thu 17 May 2018 | Validated: Thu 07 Jun 2018 | Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of 2no. dwellinghouses and a garage
Land 40 Metres South East Of Solbacken Church Brae Glenfarg
Ref. No: 18/00845/FLL | Received: Thu 17 May 2018 | Validated: Wed 23 May 2018 | Status: Awaiting decision

 Erection of plastics processing facility and associated works
Waste Recycling Centre Binn Farm Glenfarg Perth PH2 9PX
Ref. No: 18/00689/FLL | Received: Thu 26 Apr 2018 | Validated: Thu 10 May 2018 | Status: Awaiting decision


Installation of underground cable and siting of transformer enclosure
Earnside Energy Ltd Binn Farm Glenfarg Perth PH2 9PX
Ref. No: 18/00850/FLL | Received: Fri 18 May 2018 | Validated: Thu 24 May 2018 | Status: Approved

Repainting of dwellinghouse
The Old Library Greenbank Road Glenfarg Perth PH2 9NW
Ref. No: 18/00810/LBC | Received: Mon 14 May 2018 | Validated: Mon 28 May 2018 | Status: Approved
There was some discussion on application 4, wind turbines. It was noted that PKC had received a number of objections, mainly to the turbines’ height, which had been increased slightly. Cllr Taylor asked for an update on the CCs negotiations with Greencat. CCllr Ponton reported that a Management Company was still working on behalf of the 4 CCs involved.
There were also some questions about application 2, Elm Row. CCllr Ponton explained that the original application had been withdrawn and the new application had placed the garage further back from the street, which would give better line of sight along the road for people emerging from the park. A member of the public commented that the fence on the opposite side of the path also blocked the view.

No police were in attendance and a report had not been received. CCllr Pilmer puts issues of public interest from the Commander’s Bulletin onto the village Grapevine. Cllr Robertson commented that the police were asking the public to be watchful where youngsters are playing near / in water during the hot weather. To be circulated via the Grapevine.                                                                                                CCllr Watson

CCllr Horsman had supplied a Treasurer’s Report as follows.
Income – P&KC Grant £312
Expenditures – Hall Rental £24, Ccllr Expenses £54.98 and Examiner of Accounts Gift £25
This balance is made up as follows :













At 7th May 2018




















Income/Expenditures since last meeting:
Income – Newsletter shop tin and Advertisers £128.20
Expenditures – Newsletter Printing £148

Income – Nil
Expenditures – Glenfarg Community Company £168, FoWP £91.66

Expenditure – £100 to School for end of year prizes.
TOTAL FUNDS HELD £12,351.49 at 9th July 2018
7. AOCB:
a) Nursing Fund:  CCllr Ponton had received some queries from a member of the public about this fund, which she had answered. She stated that the CC had been unaware that it could have made a claim at the time of the sale of the nurse’s house. The period for the claim having lapsed, this possibility had now been lost.
b) Open ditch:  CCllr Ponton reported that residents who live near the south-running open ditch alongside the new development are to have a meeting with Stephens Builders about this. No involvement of the CC is required.
c) Fly tipping on the Wicks O Baiglie Road: A member of the public reported that this had occurred on land near the flyover of the motorway. Cllr Robertson informed us that fly tipping beside a road would be dealt with by PKC, but on private land it is the responsibility of the landowner. The owner of this land is not known. It is believed that the site is in the Glenfarg CC area but it was decided to consult with Bridge of Earn CC.                                                                                                            CCllr Ponton
d) Sewage from the Stephens Development:  Friends of Wallace Park had met with the Stephens site manager and learnt that sewage from the new development is to be pumped uphill to join the main sewage in Duncrievie Road. A member of the public queried the capacity. Cllr Robertson responded that developers are required to pay to provide increased capacity, and this work has been carried out.
e) Path in Wallace Park: The line of the new sewage pipe is also the line of construction of a new path from the development to meet the existing path. Friends of Wallace Park had queried its width (3m) and learnt that this is a requirement of PKC Planning Department, to allow walkers with pushchairs etc to pass each other. A second path from the development will allow access to emergency vehicles. A member of the public queried the need for this and the likelihood of other vehicles entering the park. The solution may be removable bollards.
f) Road Closure:  The secretary had been informed of a road closure Ash Grove to Duncrievie Road on 13th August for 1 week, for necessary work. Access only.
g) Marquee:  The marquee, presently stored in the old changing rooms, will need to be removed before demolition. May be stored at Shuttlefauld.            CCllr Pilmer
h) Gala Day: CCllr Taylor reported that there had been a good turnout for this event and there was a surplus of funds in excess of £2000 for distribution.
i) Proposed VAS at Duncrievie: This is planned for the north end of Duncrievie just before the 30mph sign. Map showing the location of the speed sign to be made available on the village website & noticeboard. Comments required before 27th July.
                                                                                                  CCllr Watson & CCllr Pilmer

j) Public Toilet & Skateboard Park in Wallace Park:
Members of the public objected to the site as shown on the Friends of Wallace Park map which had been put out for consultation. There was some discussion on possible problems. Cllr Robertson informed us that Kinross young people had been involved in planning their skateboard park and it has been very successful. CCllr Ponton responded that FOWP had devised the plan from suggestions put forward by residents, and were now looking for feedback at their next meeting (17th July). Nothing had been decided.
k) Tayside Valuation Board:  CCllr Pilmer had received correspondence about the site of the GDIB shed. The land belongs to PKC, and it was therefore felt that no rates were due. CCllr Pilmer to reply.                                                            CCllr Pilmer
l) Scottish Funds: There are funds available from the Scottish Initiative to hold discussions on local democracy. Cllr Watters also spoke about PB events - Participatory Budgeting - which is a way for people to have a direct say in how local money is spent. Local organisations looking for funding make presentations and there is then a community vote. It is believed that Kinross CC may be making an application on behalf of all Kinross-shire CCs. To be investigated.     CCllr Pilmer
m) Verge Cutting: CCllr Watson expressed concerns that, despite calls to PKC from numerous residents about the danger of tall grass at the Glenfarg / St Andrews Road junction, it had taken over two weeks for this to be cut. Cllr Robertson suggested that we ask for this junction to be given higher priority as there is a particular danger from traffic exiting the motorway at high speed.                                                CCllr Watson
n) Extension to Green Routes: CCllr Loudon had requested that consideration be given to a Green Route on the road from Hayfield up past the Deuglies. Cllr Robertson reported that he had been talking to the Council about getting the Arngask and Dron cycle network extended to include the road from Glenfarg to Forgandenny. This would result in the speed reduction that had been requested by residents. He hoped it would be agreed in November.

o) Kinross-shire Forum: 13th August 7pm at the Campus. We are to send two representatives.                                                                        CCllrs Pilmer and Taylor

The next meeting of the Community Council
 will be held on 3rd September, 7.30 in the Village Hall