Glenfarg Community Council – Minutes

Glenfarg Community Council

Minutes of the 40th Annual General Meeting held on Monday 8th May 2016 at 7.30 p.m.

CCllrs Arnold, Burlison, Horsman, Loudon, Pilmer, Ponton (Chair), Taylor,  Warder, Watson
Also present - Cllr W. Robertson and 6 members of the public.

Cllr M. Barnacle

Chairperson’s Welcome
CCllr Ponton welcomed everyone to the 40th AGM of Glenfarg Community Council.

Previous Minutes
Acceptance of the Minutes of the 399h Annual General Meeting held on 7th May 2016 was proposed by CCllr Burlison, seconded by CCllr Pilmer and agreed.

Chairperson’s Report for the Year 2016/17
The Chairpersons Report was received and is attached to these minutes. It will be posted on the community website.

Treasurer’s Report for the Year to 31st March 2017
CCllr Horsman presented a financial report, showing a balance on the GCC Admin Account of £413 and a balance on the GCC General Account of £12,560.
The accounts had been verified by an Independent Examiner (Mrs G Vaughan) and would be posted on the community website. 

Election of Office Bearers
The following Office Bearers were elected:
Chairperson CCllr Ponton Proposed by CCllr Watson Seconded by CCllr Burlison
Secretary CCllr Burlison Proposed by CCllr Ponton Seconded by CCllr Louden
Treasurer CCllr Horsman Proposed by CCllr Watson Seconded by CCllr Ponton

Sub Committees
The sub Committee membership is:
Planning  CCllrs Pilmer (Convener), Loudon and Taylor.
Communications CCllrs Horsman, Loudon and Watson.
Binn Forum CCllrs Ponton.
CBF Panel CCllr Pilmer
Emergency Plan CCllr Arnold
Minute Secretary CCllr Watson
Data Controller CCllr Burlison

Independent Financial Examiner
The appointment of Mrs Gillian Vaughan was proposed by CCllr Horsman and agreed.

Date for the next AGM
May 14th 2018

The meeting was then closed and the Chairperson moved on to a short business meeting.


Monday 8th May 2017
Glenfarg Village Hall

PRESENT: CCllrs Arnold, Burlison, Horsman, Loudon, Pilmer, Ponton, Taylor,  Watson
Also present - Cllr W. Robertson and 6 members of the public.
1. APOLOGIES: Cllr Barnacle

Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.Proposed CCllr Taylor, seconded CCllr Horsman

RESIGNATION: It was noted that, due to work commitments, Lesley Warder had resigned from the CC. CCllr Ponton thanked Lesley for all her work as a community councillor and as secretary to the CC.

CCllr Burlison had prepared an update on action points from the previous meeting and reported as follows –
Proposed Green Route     CCllr Watson  -  Brian Cargill has responded that they will look at an east route and, if appropriate, it can be added in future phases. Discharged

Vandalism and Anti-Social Behaviour  CCllr Watson –  Police have contacted the school to arrange a visit and have an increased presence around the school area in the evenings. CCllr Arnold &  CCllr Watson wrote an article for the newsletter.

School Liaison: CCllr Watson had write to Ms Devlin, Director of Education, in support of the parents’ group letter. 
Ongoing see Agenda item 5.

Planning Report: Dilapidated state of Smithy Cottage. CCllr Watson spoke to the owners. The temporary boarding is in place again but no proper boarding. PKC were contacted and Isobel Butt has asked Building Control to inspect. If appropriate, a notice could be served.

Leaves in Wallace Park. Cllr Robertson has pursued. Discharged

Litter in the Glen. Cllr Robertson has pursued. Discharged

Rescue Pole.
CCllr Arnold has costed the throwing line (128) and support but has still to see if  VAT can be avoided by acquiring them via PKC. Location has been discussed with GDIB and installation by the Pay Back Team is possible. CCllr Arnold also suggested that the rescue pole be mounted on a Y-shaped holder with straps. The CC agreed to the cost, which could be met by a microgrant application.
Defibrillator CCllr Arnold is to arrange another training session in the village. A Saturday date in early September was thought to be the best option. To be advertised via the Grapevine and noticeboard.  Saline First Responders have replied that they are willing to carry out the training. Costs would be £100 donation and £20 hall hire, which was agreed. This could be met by a microgrant application.
Ongoing.   UPDATE This is now to be arranged for 17th June.

Tennis Club Planting A member of the Tennis Club explained that there is agreement that this should be delayed until the Park Development Group have full plans in place. CCllr Horsman reported that the Development Group’s next steps were to get opinions from the community on a wish list which could then be used to have professional plans drawn up. This could take 6 months to 1 year, but could happen sooner if enthusiastic members of the community were to join the team.

Newsletter Short Story Competition. The CC has agreed to the cost being taken from newsletter funds.

4. MATTERS ARISING (not covered on the Agenda)
CCllr Loudon reported that she had attended a meeting at the Arngask Old Graveyard, with Cllr Robertson, Cllr Barnacle, Willie Greig (PKC) and members of the Old Graveyard Preservation Group. Willie Greig apologised for the actions of council personnel, who had toppled headstones considered dangerous without following the correct procedure i.e. contacting family members. This had resulted in damage to some stones, which would be repaired. There are plans to raise the toppled stones, with some being concreted in place and others half buried but with wording visible. A member of the Preservation Group reported that she had inspected the graveyard that evening but no work has yet been carried out. PKC seem to have surrounded the watch house with danger tape.
Cllr Robertson suggested that a solution for the protection of the medieval effigy would be to carry out repair work on the watch house and house the effigy inside. He referred to other sites, where floors had been levelled and gravelled, walls repaired, and missing roofs replaced with Perspex. A builder with experience of such renovations would be required. Advice and funding might be available from the Heritage Trust. It was agreed that the CC would look at costing such a solution.
CCllr Loudon

CCllr Watson reported that she and CCllr Horsman had attended a meeting of the Friends and Parents of Arngask to discuss plans for the primary school – the demolition of the hut to the north of the school, with the loss of a pupils’ classroom, and the housing of these pupils in the main building. Also present at this meeting were Cllr W.Robertson, Anne Dalziel (Education Dept Quality Improvement Officer) and Carol Taylor ( P&KC Service Manager).
Parents had expressed concerns about the resulting pressures on space in the building, arguing that it would have implications for the education of the children, although they had complete faith in the head teacher and her staff.
There was concern that the council had already made the decision to carry out these plans over the summer, that no other options had been considered and that there had been no requirement for consultation. It was felt that the council’s communication with the parents, who had originally asked for information in 2014, had been extremely poor.
The Friends and Parents of Arngask group would be writing to the council to express their concerns, and hoped to meet with the 4 councillors and MSP for the area to put their case for a better solution, probably involving some form of building extension. It was agreed that the CC would give its support to the group, and also keep in touch with ongoing changes the results of change of use within the school, the changing school roll and projections for future needs.                  CCllrs Horsman and Watson

CCllr Pilmer reported on 4 planning applications as follows
Erection of polytunnel and storage container, Binn Farm, Glenfarg. Ref. No: 17/00302/AMM.
No GCC objection.
Alterations and extension to dwellinghouse, Edendale, Duncrievie Road, Duncrievie, Glenfarg. Ref. No:  17/00426/FLL.
No GCC objection.
Erection of dwellinghouse, Land 100 Metres North West of Glendy Steading, Glenfarg. Ref. No: 17/00618/FLL.
No comment from GCC.
Erection of 2no dwellinghouses (revised design and layout). Land North West of Gwendoline Row, Drunzie, Glenfarg. Ref. No: 17/00674/FLL.
No GCC objection.

No police officer was present and no police report was available. CCllr Watson highlighted the booklet Safer Communities which is presently being delivered to households, also encouraging everyone to join the local Neighbourhood Watch.

1. GCC Balance on Account   £316.23
Expenditures: Councillor expenses £77.73, web hosting £72, gift to examiner of accounts £25

2. GCC Newsletter Account Balance  £11,800.41

This balance is made up of Newsletter £7,465.02, Microgrant £324.39, Nursing Fund £4,011.00.
Income/Expenditures since last meeting:
Income £379.56 from shop donation tin.
Expenditures Newsletter printing £190, P&KC Christmas lights costs £225.60

Expenditure GDIB £250

3. School Fund £441
Cheque for £100 passed to school for end of year prizes.

Total Funds Held £12,457.64 at 8th May 2017

9. AOCB:
The Avenue CCllr Ponton reminded the CC that it had considered a ‘grand opening’ of the Avenue to include school pupils, and asked if anything had happened.  CCllr Horsman replied that the school had held a ‘cycle to school’ event. It was agreed that this was sufficient. It was reported that the gate at the top of the Avenue was once again off its hinges. This appears to be due to a design / installation fault. Cllr Robertson to pursue with TRACKS.
Vehicle Activated Speed signs In March, there was a communication from Daryl McKeownthe location and display of the two existing VAS will be amended by Perth & Kinross Council as previously negotiated. As there has been no further communication, Cllr Robertson will request an update on timescale / cost.
Repairs to Pavement CCllr Watson reported that there had been a hole in the pavement outside the village hall, which had resulted in a fall by a member of the public. On behalf of the CC, she had emailed the Roads Dept and the pavement had been repaired within two weeks.
Micro Grant An application had been received from members of the community for funds of £248 towards the cost of 4 ducks and a duck house for Glenfarg Green. The project was also considering fencing around the pond, predator alarms, feed troughs. After some discussion about the viability of keeping ducks safe from predators, it was agreed to fund the duck house but look at acquiring less expensive ducks on a trial basis.                                                                        CClr Burlison
Gala Day CCllr Taylor reported that the committee is still looking for volunteers.
School Traffic Sign  CCllr Arnold reported that he believed the sign in Greenbank Road had been damaged and was no longer working. To be checked.  CCllr Watson
Water Ponding An area in Duncrievie has had water lying, which has not drained away. CCllr Arnold has contacted Scottish Water.
Gwendoline Row The street sign has once again been damaged. CCllr Arnold has contacted the Roads Dept.
Burn in Stephen’s Field CCllr Ponton has contacted Stephen Builders about sewage being fed into a drainage ditch. Stephens have agreed to a visit to look at a solution.
Dog Fouling A member of the public complained about used dog bags being thrown into his garden. Cllr Robertson confirmed that this is an offence and should be reported. Dog owners are once again reminded that these bags should be disposed of in the bins provided.
Internet Connections A member of the public complained about the speed of his connection since Superfast Broadband was made available. CCllr Ponton said she believed that non-Superfast users would find a reduction in their service. Customers should consider changing to Superfast Broadband, which should not be substantially more expensive.

Dates of meetings in the next year
July 3rd, September 4th, November 6th, January 8th, March 5th, May 14th

The next meeting of the Community Council will be held on 3rd July 2017.