Glenfarg Community Council – Minutes


Monday 3rd July 2017
Glenfarg Village Hall


PRESENT: CCllrs Horsman, Loudon, Pilmer, Ponton, Taylor,  Watson
Also present - Cllrs Barnacle, Purves, Watters and 6 members of the public.
1. APOLOGIES: CCllrs Arnold and Burlison, Cllr W. Robertson, Police Constable Spalding.
Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed.
CCllr Watson had prepared an update on action points from the previous meeting and reported as follows –
Duck House:  Tim Corcoran reported that the duck house had been installed by the pond. Four Khaki Campbell ducks had been purchased and were thriving. The total cost had been around £400, of which £250 had been supplied by a micro-grant. Notices have been put at the entrances to the Green, asking that dogs be kept on a lead. Tim thanked the 24 people who turned out to clean the pond before the ducks arrived.

Green Route: Cllr Barnacle reported that the proposal for a Green Route through Glenfarg had been passed. There was no timescale for its implementation.

Smithy Cottage: CCllr Watson reported that she had asked PKC for the outcome of the inspection by the Building Control officer but none had been received.                       

Defibrillator: CCllr Arnold has reported that the defibrillator training took place on Saturday 17th July. 22 residents attended; there were 4 trainers. A donation of £100 has been sent to the trainers, Saline First Responders.

Rescue Pole: a member of the public reported that the old rescue pole is in use.

Avenue Gate: Councillor Robertson reports that the Avenue Gate is now repaired and the hinges adjusted to prevent the gate falling off them.

VAS signs: Cllr Robertson has met with representatives of the roads department. They are finalising the VAS installation programme. Glenfarg is in the priority group for installation.

School Traffic Sign: CCllr Watson reported that she had checked the sign and it is now working.

Water Ponding in Duncrievie: CCllr Arnold had reported that a report has been received from Scottish Water, stating it is probably contaminated ground water ( ie It is not a leak from the drinking water main). Scottish Water have said they will therefore not be taking any further action. The Secretary is to keep a copy of the report on file. A member of the public reported that the leak had reduced recently.  

Gwendoline Row Sign: CCllr Arnold had reported that the damaged sign has been replaced.

Burn in Stephens Field: It had been reported that, since Stephens installed the ditch at the bottom of their land, the original ditch in the gardens of 2 houses on Main Street no longer had any flow and there was a smell of sewage. CCllr Ponton reported that SEPA had inspected and told her that either Stephens Builders or PKC should deal with the problem. Neither of these organisations would accept responsibility and the issue could therefore not progress. Since all correspondence had been verbal, it was decided to send all details by email to our Councillors who would investigate.                                                CCllr Ponton
4. MATTERS ARISING (not covered on the Agenda)
There were no other Matters Arising.

CCllr Watson reported that a meeting had taken place in the cemetery the previous week, attended by members of the Preservation Group, Willie Grieg (PKC Maintenance), Diane Barbary (PKC Conservation Officer) and herself. The grass was now very high and fallen stones were often not visible. Mr Grieg believed that the cemetery was due minimal maintenance ie grass cutting 3 to 4 times per year. He intended to check this but, despite several reminders, no confirmation had been received from him.
Mr Grieg had promised that those stones damaged by PKC workers would be righted and repaired. He had paid a contractor for this but was not happy with the standard of work, which was felt by all to be totally inadequate. Photographs were taken. This matter was to be pursued by Mr Grieg.
The CC had asked for costings for restoration to the watch house in order to shelter and preserve the medieval statue in the cemetery. Diane Barbary had told the group that any restoration of the watch house should be in keeping with the original, as it was C-listed. A slate roof would be suitable. Perspex may be a possibility but Ms Barbary pointed out that this would be expensive and can look shabby if not regularly maintained. Quotes for possible work were being sought and one company so far had quoted the following –
With slated roof     £29,400
With Perspex roof £24,600
There was some discussion about bringing the statue down to the centre of the village. It was decided to approach the church again.                                    CCllr Ponton 
CCllr Horsman reported that, despite concerns expressed to PKC by The Friends & Parents of Arngask and the Community Council, the hut to the north of the school was being demolished this summer and work had already started. Councillors believed that Arngask PS was not part of the present review process. CCllr Watson reported that a review of the success of the changes had been promised for the autumn. Since one of the complaints made had been a lack of communication from PKC, it was important that the result of this be pursued.                         Ongoing
CCllr Pilmer reported as follows –

There has been an increase in Planning Application (PA) fees as from the 1st June 2017 and should the PA be advertised then this would incur an additional fee. All details can be found from the web link: or by contacting Planning and Development at Perth and Kinross Council.
Siting of Caravan for a temporary period. Land 400 metres south of Brampton House, Glenfarg. ref. No. 17/01509/FLL. No GCC objection.
Erection of 2No dwelling houses (revised design and layout). Land north west of Gwendoline Row, Drunzie, Glenfarg. Comment on Application 17/00674/FLL by GCC. Planning committee were asked to submit a comment regarding this development by a local resident after our previous CC meeting. Our minutes stated No GCC objection and this remains. The comment submitted reflected  the requirement for PKC Planning & Development to consider the previous recommendations for this development as a whole.
Erection of a dwellinghouse. Land 100 Metres north west of Glendy Steading, Glenfarg. Ref. No. 17/00618/FLL. Refused.
Erection of an Agricultural Storage Building. Land 400 metres south of Brampton House, Glenfarg. Ref.No. 17/00383/PN. Approved.
CCllr Ponton asked about the regulations for a touring caravan being permanently parked on the road, either occupied or unoccupied. To be investigated  CCllr Pilmer
No police officer was present but PC Spalding had sent the following short report.
I reviewed the last months crimes for Glenfarg and there has not been a crime reported since May 23rd

I am aware of issues regarding the new residential property at Tarra house and we have organised a meeting for 11th July with the residents and Councillor Willie Robertson to discuss the matter
We continue to patrol Arngask Primary during the holidays to ensure no youths causing damage etc
Members of the public present were dismayed at the reference to ‘no crime reported’, as the police had been called to Duncrievie on several occasions over the past few weeks. It was felt that the police were restricted in their reporting as the offenders were minors. The CC was sympathetic with the residents’ complaints about the commercial concern that is running the residential property and therefore agreed to send a representative to the 11th July meeting in Kinross Police Station.                                                                                                            (tbc)
1. GCC – Balance on Account   £304.23

2. GCC Newsletter Account – Balance  £11,596.41

This balance is made up of Newsletter £7,261.02, Microgrant £324.39, Nursing Fund £4,011.00.
Income/Expenditures since last meeting:
Income – £111 from shop donation tin.
Expenditures – Newsletter printing £195, Defrib Training £120

No change
3. School Fund £341
No change
Total Funds Held £12,241.64 at 3rd July 2017
9. AOCB:
Telephone Box It was agreed to adopt the telephone box at the junction of Main Street and Greenbank Road.                                                CCllrs Watson and Horsman
The September agenda should include an item on ideas for its use.         Secretary
CC Computer It was agreed to investigate the purchase of a computer for the use of the CC Secretary. We need to determine if this can be bought from the PKC Administration Grant.         CCllr Horsman
Any CCllr with thoughts on a suitable purchase should send details to CCllr Watson.
MSP Mark Ruskell’s proposed 20mph members bill CCllr Watson explained that there was a consultation on this member’s bill that would reduce the default speed limit on restricted roads from 30mph to 20mph, whilst giving local councils the power to retain specific streets as 30mph zones where necessary. Cllr Barnacle explained that the approach across Scotland was piecemeal, but PKC was aware of restrictive nature of their own regulations and was addressing this. The CC agreed that this was a better option than a Scotland-wide enforcement and would respond to the consultation accordingly.       CCllr Watson
Gala Day CCllr Taylor reported that the Gala had raised approx £2,000 to be distributed to local organizations on application.
Small Industrial Estate for Glenfarg A member of the public present suggested that Glenfarg should have a cul-de-sac of small units for business use. Cllr Barnacle explained that this would require an employment zone to be identified in the Local Development Plan. It would therefore need to be suggested for LDP2, and he intended to raise such matters at the next Community Forum meeting. It was agreed that a member of Glenfarg CC should attend this meeting.                                    (tbc)
The next meeting of the Community Council will be held on 4th September.