Glenfarg Community Council - Current Work

Out and About in Glenfarg

If you have noticed any items requiring attention, contact your community council

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  1. Neighbourhood Watch All homes have been leafleted with details of the new Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Residents are invited to join. Metal signs will be purchased and installed around the village.
  2. Glenfarg Conversation As a result of a request from panel members, the Community Council has started the process of discussion about the Community Benefit Fund. Tom Black from Foundation Scotland was invited to speak at the CC meeting. As a result, a meeting has been arranged hosted by the CBF panel members 30th April 7.30pm in the Village Hall.
  3. Pothole Problem at the bottom of Church Brae. As a result of a request from the CC, this is now being investigated by Scottish Water’s local network analyst.
  4. Road sweeping Enquiries by the CC have shown that all roads in Glenfarg, with the exception of Lomond Bank, should be swept every two weeks.
  5. Pond cleaning A Micro Grant has been awarded to GDIB for the cleaning of Glenfarg Green pond.
  6. The Avenue A report on the state of the trees in The Avenue was commissioned by the CC and passed on to the owner, who has replied that he has plans for improvements in the area starting later this year.


November, December and January

  1. Dog Fouling A CCllr met with Dog Warden and new signs have been installed throughout the area.
  2. Road Sweeping A CCllr has been in touch with Council about frequency of road and pavement sweeping.
  3. Drains A CCllr has been in touch with Council about problem drains.
  4. Binn Eco Farm Several CCllrs attending the exhibition.
  5. Footpaths A CCllr has had meetings with TRACKS about a blocked section of the Hilton of Duncrievie footpath. TRACKS to pursue with landowner.
  6. Christmas lights Several CCllrs met with commercial and council representatives to discuss possibilities for lights in the village. This item was adopted at the last CC meeting and funds are now being pursued.

September - October 2012

  1. Core Paths CCllr Johnston has been in communication with G Lawrie of TRACKS re issues of lack of maintenance of path Duncrievie chalets to Stables.  Barbed wire on style to viewpoint reported.  Ongoing discussions with landowners.
  2. Road Sweeping Request to be made to P&KC for schedule and routes of street sweeping and drain/gully clearing as both seem to be spasmodic and frequently carried out only after drains totally blocked and resident(s) alert P&KC.
  3. Damage to road bank The area in Duncrievie Road, which was affected by Stephens plant crossing is being addressed by Stephens
  4. Weeding A request has been made for weeding of Sundial feature and the path from Ladeside to Ash Grove. Also requested that gravel be used to fill in the muddy area at the Ash Grove end of this path.
  5. Binn Eco Park Community Engagement Meeting CCllr Arnold attended.
  6. Binn Eco Park Wind Farm Community Liaison Group  CCllrs Armstrong and Arnold attended.

July - August 2012

  1. Pothole Church Brae After the CC contacted Scottish Water, a CCTV survey of the sewer network will be carried out to check cause of the depression in the road.
  2. Road markings Most of the repainting that we requested has been done. Areas missed are being chased up.
  3. Parking close to Ladeside Junction Cllr Cuthbert has raised the issue on our behalf. To be discussed at the September meeting of PKC Traffic Coordination Group. If this has no effect, we will revisit the situation.
  4. CBF Micro Grants The CC has distributed a total of £500 to Ladies Badminton, Brighten Up Duncrievie, Local Vocals Choir, Glenfarg Community Cinema, Glenfarg Village Hall.

April - June 2012

  1. A dangerous pothole which suddenly appeared at the bottom of Church Brae was reported, and Perth & Kinross Council were persuaded to deal with the danger. A permanent solution is still being sought from Scottish Water.
  2. Fete proceeds were distributed. Apart from the usual 3 beneficiaries (Village Hall, Old Folks, Church), grants were awarded to the Scouts, Babies & Toddlers, Glenfarg & Duncrievie In Bloom, and Glenfarg Community Cinema.
  3. Bag It and Bin It signs are to be placed in Wallace Park.
  4. Dangerous parking at the Ladeside / Main Street junction is being investigated by local police.

January - March 2012

  1. Wicks of Baiglie road Start date for repair work of 19th March – P&KC dealing in conjunction with entire road improvements.
  2. Website Web space has been purchased and ownership of changed to GCC.
  3. Arngask Catchment There will be a public meeting on the proposed change of catchment area for Arngask pupils to Loch Leven Campus on 15th March. The CC secretary has written to confirm the community council's support for the proposal.
  4. Drain Cover repairs The drain covers in Church Brae & Greenbank Road have been repaired/replaced.
  5. Hedges beyond stables The land owner has been contacted and has advised GCC that, in view of the concerns over road safety, the hedge will be cut back.
  6. Tractors speeding / Mud on roads GCC have now obtained from Tayside Police full details of legal requirements relating to mud on roads cleaning responsibilities.


November 2011 - January 2012

  • The gate at Wallace Park car park has been repaired and replaced. Several CCllrs reported that new tyre tracks showed vehicles had entered the park via the gap on the other side of the car park. CCllr Watson to contact P&KC to request closure of the gap.
  • Grit Bins are now in requested positions and have been filled.
  • Tractor issues Letters have recently been sent to four local farmers outlining issues and requesting discussions.
  • Request for Glen Road Safety Audit Response from P&KC Traffic and Road Safety Engineer cited ongoing work plus 2 projects for new financial year to include anti skid surfacing on A912 north of access to Binn Farm. It was also felt the Council had not sufficiently responded to our request for a safety audit. CCllrs Arnold and Armstrong to raise at Binn Forum.
  • Fallen tree in Wallace Park being removed by local person and CCllr Vaughan has informed P&KC that this matter is resolved.
  • Dead Elm CCllr Vaughan had informed P&KC’s Tree and Woodland Officer who contacted the landowner. The tree still being in place, he has again made contact and been assured it will be felled very soon. CCllr Vaughan to report if this does not happen.
  • Wicks O Baiglie Rd repairs P&KC’s Stuart D’All is working out extraordinary damage costs with nPower. CCllr Watson to request an update.
  • Flooding  CCllr Macpherson raised concerns about overflowing culverts in several areas. Cllr Baird informed the CC that culverts should be cleared annually. Cllr Baird will inform the department of our concern and ask the next due date. She will suggest they contact the CC for more details.