Glenfarg Oil Buying Syndicate (GOBS)

Heating Oil Order Schedule

 Call for ordersOrders to be returned byDeliveries to begin on
JanuaryTuesday 3rdFriday 10thWednesday 15th
FebruaryFri Jan 31stFriday 7thWednesday 12th
MarchFriday 6thFriday 13thWednesday 18th
AprilFriday 3rdFriday 10thWednesday 15th
MayFriday 8thFriday 15thWednesday 20th
JulyFriday 3rdFriday 10thWednesday 15th
SeptemberFriday 4thFriday 11thWednesday 16th
OctoberFriday 9thFriday 16thWednesday 21st
NovemberFriday 6thFriday 13thWednesday 18th
DecemberFriday 4thFriday 11thWednesday 16th
JanuaryTuesday 5thFriday 8thWednesday 13th
FebruaryFriday 5thFriday 12thWednesday 17th
MarchFriday 5thFriday 12thWednesday 17th
AprilFriday 2ndFriday 9thWednesday 14th
MayFriday 7thFriday 14thWednesday 19th
JulyFriday 2ndFriday 9thWednesday 14th
SeptemberFriday 3rdFriday 10thWednesday 15th
OctoberFriday 8thFriday 12thWednesday 20th
NovemberFriday 5thFriday 12thWednesday 17th
DecemberFriday 3rdFriday 10thWednesday 15th

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