Glenfarg Conversation – Minutes

Village Hall 30/4/2013 7.30pm

Chair – Colin Campbell

Present: David Aird & Margaret Ponton (Lochelbank Panel members) Tom Black (Foundation Scotland). 28 members of the community.

Introduction by the Chair was followed by an outline by Tom Black of the role of Foundation Scotland in developing good practices in fund development. The Foundation also trains panel members and offers community support and consultation. When requests for funding are submitted to Foundation Scotland they contact each applicant to ensure the guidelines for awards are being met. The Foundation makes agreed payments and monitors the progress of the projects, feeding back to the Panel and communities the outcome of the awards.

The Lochelbank Fund provides £20,000 per annum for the Panel to distribute between Glenfarg and Bridge of Earn Communities. The Panel consists of 2 members from each community elected by residents and 2 nominated Community Council members – 1 from each CC.

At present, the fund pays £500 per annum to each Community to distribute in the form of Micro Grants which are available when needed.

The balance of the Fund is distributed following meetings of the 6 panel members which are held 3 times annually.

The purpose of the meeting was to ensure that our whole Community is aware of the fund and work of the Panel and to establish a system whereby awards are made with the knowledge and support of the people as a whole.

A detailed discussion took place with a variety of views being aired. The feeling of the meeting was that a ‘legacy’ of the fund was something that is desirable in some format.

This in mind, it was decided that a village profile should be produced to allow a clearer picture of the needs of our Community. Knowledge of similar schemes in local areas and a document already in the Village following the shop project should be investigated.

Cedric Wilkins, Colin Campbell amongst others showed willingness to drive this forward and report back at a further meeting within 6 months. The meeting will be called following the production and circulation of this document and before large projects should be considered.

The current Panel members agreed to make public – via the noticeboard and website – any application received by Foundation Scotland that are due to be discussed. Members of the Village can read and comment on these to assist the Panel members in gauging the level of support for each possible award.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm with thanks to the Panel and Chair.