Wind Power


Besides working to help residents to reduce energy use, the association has been looking into all the various ways in which renewable energy might be sustainably produced locally.  The community is already benefitting from one source of renewable energy – wind power at Lochelbank.  The fund established through this project is providing valuable support to many Glenfarg organisations. Elsewhere a number of smaller windpower generators have been installed. Many of these sources of “green energy” are supported by finance from the government.  

Glenfarg Renewable Energy Associationhas been looking into other opportunities which might generate wind power locally; either to reduce energy bills directly, or indirectly through selling power through the National Grid. 

An interesting meeting was held in the Village Hall with a presentation of the community wind project in Udny.

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Following on from this, GREA explored sites for a community wind turbine. A possible site was identified on Forestry Commission land at Jubilee Plantation. In the summer of 2015, GREA delivered a fact sheet on the possibilities of this location, and sought the views of the community through a questionnaire.

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