Glenfarg Grapevine

Glenfarg Grapevine Email Service

This service was begun originally by Dave and Kate Arnold. Joyce Taylor now compiles and circulates the Grapevine. Send her your community news, updates and other information.

The email address is –

The email is circulated weekly on Sundays and will give a forward look over the next fortnight.

Urgent messages such as lost dogs, found purses etc can be issued as required.

To add yourself to (or remove yourself from) the mailing list, enter your e-mail address in the box, select the appropriate option below and click the "Action Request".

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NB The emails that are sent out may contain elements and be in a form that can be seen as spam by some email providers - particularly BT, Yahoo and AOL. You should ensure that the Grapevine email address,, is added to the Safe Sender or Whitelist in your email account to prevent the emails being bounced or just dumped by your provider. For further information contact .