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After 3 years Dave and Kate are hanging up their Glenfarg Grapevine spurs. The work they have both put into this over the years has been immense and very well received by all of their 300 plus subscribers. They will be sorely missed and a tough act to follow.

Mark Crossey has taken over compiling and circulating the Grapevine, and a new email address has been set up for everyone to send their community news, updates and other information to. The email address is –

The deadline for inclusion in the following week's email is Friday and the email will now be circulated weekly on Sunday or Monday and will give a forward look over the next fortnight. A copy is made available on the CC noticeboard.

Urgent things like lost dogs, found purses and so on will be issued as needed.

To add yourself to (or remove yourself from) the mailing list, enter your e-mail address in the box, select the appropriate option below and click the "Action Request".

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