Important notice regarding the Village Hall

To all Glenfarg residents
The first meeting of the new charity which is to replace the existing hall association will be held on Wednesday October 24th at 7.30 in the village hall. This will be the inaugural Annual General Meeting of Arngask Hall (SC 048505). At this meeting elections will be held for Trustees and there will be a motion to alter the constitution which is worded as follows:
Proposed changes to the constitution of Arngask Hall SC 048505

The proposed changes to the constitution aim to improve the open-ness of the charity and ensure control by residents. The proposed changes have the effect of reducing the number of clauses in the constitution by five. The changes require to be notified to OSCR within three months.

1. To remove the power of the Trustees to reject an application for membership from any resident aged 16 and over.

Delete Application for Membership Clauses 12-14; and amend Clause 10 as follows:

"Membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over who resides in within the Glenfarg Community Council area and who has signed a written application for membership".

2. To remove the power of Trustees to co-opt non-residents to the Board; and to increase the maximum and minimum number of Trustees

Delete Appointment/re-appointment of co-opted charity trustees Clauses 62 and 63 and amend Clause 53 (new Clause 50) as follows:

50. The maximum number of charity trustees is 12; out of that:

50.1no more than 10 shall be charity trustees who were elected/appointed under clauses 54 and 55 (or deemed to have been appointed under clause 53); (formerly clauses 58, 59 and 57 respectively) and

50.2no more than 2 shall be charity trustees who were appointed under clause 56 (power to appoint members to the board)

51. The minimum number of charity Trustees 5

If you would like to stand as a Trustee please write to the secretary of the Hall at:

You will need to be a member of the new charity in order to attend the AGM on October 24th. To become a member, you need to live in the Glenfarg Community Council area and be aged 16 or over. Membership forms will be available at the door prior to the meeting. They are also available at the Village shop or can be downloaded here

The full constitution of Arngask Hall can be viewed here

You can make representations on the reorganisation of the Village Hall on the OSCR website at: