Changes to the Village Hall management


At the Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall on 22nd August the reorganisation of the Hall was discussed and the meeting approved the proposed change from the existing Association (based on a Trust Deed dated 1958), to form a new Incorporated body (or Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SCIO).   The meeting also approved the plans to acquire the Schoolhouse which adjoins the hall.
There are a number of reasons why this change needs to take place.  Firstly, the current arrangements do not afford limited liability to members of the Committee. In the modern business environment this is essential.   The SCIO will provide this necessary protection to committee members.  Secondly, the SCIO has a more up to date constitution which will allow the hall to operate more effectively and efficiently and which will allow the hall better to meet the changing needs of the Glenfarg community.  The new charity will be able to apply for funding support for the development of the hall – in particular for the money to purchase the adjoining Schoolhouse.  This would not be possible under the existing organisation, as it is not an incorporated body.
The SCIO (named Arngask Hall) is a two tier organisation with a membership, and a Board of Trustees.
The key features of the Constitution are:

  1. Membership of the Hall Association would be free
  2. All residents of Glenfarg Community Council area aged 16 and over will be eligible to become members
  3. To become a member it will be necessary to register your name and contact address with the charity
  4. The Board of Trustees shall be elected by the membership at the AGM and shall have up to nine members and up to two secondees
  5. A Special Members meeting can be called at any time should at least 5% of  members wish to do so
  6. The Constitution can be changed by two thirds majority at a Members meeting
  7. There is an “asset lock” provision that ensures that if the charity is wound up any assets are used for the same or similar purposes

The new charity is not yet operating.  It will need to be activated (incorporated) once the Reorganisation Scheme is approved by the charity Regulator, OSCR.  The approval of the existing Trustees will be required, the assets of the hall transferred to the new charity, and the old charity wound up.  The first meeting of the new charity will take place once these legal procedures have been completed.  At this meeting the membership will be formed and elections will take place for the Board of Trustees (in much the same way as happens at present when the Management Committee retire annually and a new committee is elected.)

The Constitution of Arngask Hall is now available for you to read and comment on.  If you have any comments to make please email them to

Cedric Wilkins, Chair of the Glenfarg Hall Management Committee.

Read the Constitution