Lomond Hotel Site

Update from the Community Council 2017

Extract from January Minutes

A member of the public asked about planned developments in Glenfarg. CCllr Pilmer was able to report that . . . the Lomond site was installing the LPG gas tank but was otherwise not progressing the proposed flats yet.

Update from the Community Council August 2014

Hoardings are being erected around the site by the developer but, as there is not yet agreement with P&KC over the final plans, there will be no visuals until the final look is clear.

Update from the Community Council July 2014

Extract from the minutes of GCC meeting 21st July 2014

LOMOND HOTEL has now been demolished. Appreciation was expressed to PKC Councillors who made efforts on behalf of the CC. The CC thought that its own efforts may have played some part in encouraging action. There are plans to erect new hoardings at the front, and security fencing at the back, of the ground. The developer intends to start construction based on the original planning consent but is also awaiting clarification from P&KC on the amendments presented at the village hall meeting. The site owner sought support from Glenfarg CC, but it was decided that more information was required on the current situation. Cllr Barnacle to make enquiries with the Planning Department.


Village Meeting April 2014

On 15th April, the developers of the Lomond Hotel site organised a public meeting to update the community on their current plans. Despite the short notice and the early hour, three Perth & Kinross Councillors and over 50 residents were able to attend.

lomond meeting

The developers gave a brief resume of the history of the site. They then explained their new plan, which they view as not being materially different from the existing approved plan. Changes include –

  1. Reducing the number of flats from 14 to 12.
  2. Slightly reducing the footprint of the proposed new building.
  3. Incorporating a stone finish on some of the exterior facings.
  4. Adding balconies to some of the flats.

There had been a meeting between them and the Planning Department and they were awaiting a decision on whether a new application would be necessary.

From the discussion that followed, it was clear that the principal concern of the community was that demolition should start as soon as possible. The present site was described as an eyesore and unsafe.

The developers gave a verbal commitment to apply for permission to demolish within the next week or so, and also intended to replace the old hoardings with new ones that would eventually display advertising graphics. However, they also intimated that their funding would not be released until they had obtained planning consent. Therefore, demolition could not start until the full project was in a position to proceed.

Your community council has been in regular contact with the developers, and with our P&KC Councillors who have since held their own meeting with the Planning Department. At the time of going to press, the developers are telling us that the replacement hoardings and the application for the warrant to demolish are to go ahead ‘within a matter of days’. We are looking for confirmation of this and will keep you informed via the community website.

At the recent meeting of the community council it was decided that, since P&KC have already ordered the demolition of chimneys, we would request our elected representatives to approach Building Standards and ask if that order can be enforced.