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Update from the Community Council 2016

Extract from GCC Minutes of 7th November 2016

Stephen Builders site adjacent to Wallace Park
Although there has been excavation activity and a hard standing entrance constructed adjacent to the main road, the builder’s agent assured the CC that no construction work is planned for the foreseeable future. When construction is due to begin the CC shall be notified.

Update from the Community Council May 2014

The final planning application has been approved. Permissions are now being sought for new road and drainage.

The project will then be reviewed by the builders but no building is planned for 2014.

Consultation Meeting with Stephen Builders Ltd

A public meeting was held in the Village Hall on 24th July 2013 to discuss the proposed Stephen housing development south of Wallace Park. John Stephen from Stephen Builders Ltd was present to explain the proposals for which the company have applied for planning permission.

View the revised plan

Twenty eight members of the community attended the meeting and joined in the discussion. Below are some examples of the questions that were put to Mr Stephen.

The points raised were noted by your Community Councillors and a formal letter reflecting these views has been sent by the Glenfarg Community Council to the Planning Department of PKC.

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What housing is proposed for the site? The plan includes 33 houses, ranging from 2 bedroom bungalows to large family houses.
What is the proposed access for resident's vehicles? There will be one access point onto Main Street near the 40mph sign. Access onto Caelford Brae is not a possibility, and the gradient to reach Duncrievie Road is too steep.
Considering the speed of traffic at this point and proximity of a bend, would this not be a possible accident zone? The Roads Dept will ensure that the builder creates the corner to comply with set standards. It is also likely that they will extend the 30mph limit.
What about walkers? As well as the existing paths through the woods (created by the builder some years ago), there will be a new path from the side of the site into Wallace Park to meet existing top path. There will also be a path along the burn, parallel to Main Street, to allow walkers a safe route away from the road.
Is there sufficient sewage capacity? Scottish Water will provide capacity. The plan includes a modern pumping station.
Will there be any housing along Main Street in future? No, this area will be landscaped.
Who will maintain the landscaped areas? Perth & Kinross Council.
When will building start? This will depend on when planning permission is obtained, and the state of the housing market at that time. However, it is hoped that work will start in 2014.
Will the field be maintained in any way in the interim? Yes, there will be some cutting to ensure that it does not become an eyesore.