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How can funding from RWE npower’s Lochelbank wind farm best be used to benefit the Glenfarg community?

In Glenfarg and Bridge of Earn the sum of £20,000 each year for 20 years is available through the Lochelbank Community Benefit Fund (CBF). This funding is a once in a lifetime opportunity to ensure a positive future for the village. Residents of Glenfarg will want to look back with pride at what it helped to achieve.


The Opening Meeting of the Glenfarg Conversation was held on
Tuesday 30th April


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Who are the Glenfarg CBF panel members? The Glenfarg panel members meet with panel members from Bridge of Earn to make decisions on applications to the fund. Our panel members are Hazell Allan, Rosemary Johnston and Margaret Ponton.

Our club / organization isn’t asking for funds. Do we need to be involved? Yes! Your village is asking for funds to be released. But this isn’t necessarily about what is being planned now. It’s about how we can decide together on plans for the future.

I don’t belong to any of these clubs. Should I be involved? Certainly. This involves all residents of our village. Everyone has a right to be informed and join the conversation.

For more information or to comment, email Margaret Ponton