Income Generating Glass Recycling Campaign

In 2015, Perth & Kinross Council’s Waste Services introduced an Income Generating Glass Recycling Campaign, which runs in partnership with Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS).

The income generating campaign is the first Council–led pilot scheme of its kind in Perth and Kinross. The key aims are to undertake joint promotion with a local charitable partner to increase glass recycling and generate income for a good cause.

The glass collected at Recycling Centres and Points is weighed, recorded and reported from various Council Depots.

Householders and businesses can recycle glass bottles and jars at any of the Council’s 9 Recycling Centres and 105 Recycling Points. These are spread across Perth and Kinross at key shopping locations, town halls, schools, car parks and community greenspaces.

The Campaign ran for 12 months and the impact was measured quarterly. Any additional income generated during the Campaign – above the baseline set from the financial year 2014/15 – is paid to CHAS at the end of each quarter.

From October 2015 to September 2016, an additional 409.53 tonnes was recycled - equivalent to an additional (almost) 512 full glass recycling bells - which raised a total of £3,556.26 for CHAS.The campaign is therefore running for a second year, up to September 2017.

Information about the Campaign is available on