Friends of Wallace Park

Latest News and Photographs:

November 2022

Work has started on the installation of the two fitness stations on the trim trail. The work is being carried out by T & N Gilmartin (Contractors) Ltd. Many thanks to our funders - The National Lottery Community Fund, the Kinross-shire Fund, the Community Environment Challenge Fund, RWE Lochelbank Windfarm Community Benefit Fund.

building the monkey bars

The contractors have arrived on site and are starting work.

monkey bars

The Monkey Bars are in place.

balance beam

Now they have built the Balance Beams

pull up bars

And the Pull Up Bars.

finished fitness station

Fitness Station 1 is complete but the fencing must stay in place until PKC have carried out safety checks.

work starts on station 2

Work now starts on Fitness Station 2.

instruction pole

Each piece of apparatus will have instructions on its use.

station 2

Fitness Station 2 is complete.


July 2021

The work on the new path is complete. Many thanks to our funders Avondale Environmental (part of the NPL Group, through the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund), the Gannochy Trust, The Kinross-shire Fund, The Environmental Challenge Fund - and the Binn Eco Park who supplied the recycled fill.

pin kerb edging

The pin kerbing and the recycled fill are in place.

filling in

Just a top layer before the tarmac arrives.

filling in

Now we are ready for the Boys from the Black Stuff to arrive.


The big machines are here and starting to spread the tar. Others are following behind to trim the edges.


Day One - the path from the play park to the tennis courts is finished. Tomorrow it will be possible to walk along the path to play tennis.

day 2 tarmac

Day Two -now there is tarmac from the tennis courts along the south side of the park.

paths join

And our new path meets the old path at the entrance to Copperfields. Finally there is a path all the way round the park.

path complete

Margaret meets with the contractor Ian Dewar (Left) and TRACKS project manager Nick Mainprize (centre) to celebrate the completion of the project.

June 2021

The new path is finally being built. When it is in place, it will be possible for everyone to reach all areas of the park - including wheelchair, buggy and tricycle users. Many thanks to our funders Avondale Environmental (part of the NPL Group, through the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund), the Gannochy Trust,The Kinross-shire Fund, The Environmental Challenge Fund - and the Binn Eco Park who supplied the recycled fill.

machines arrive

Great excitement - the machinery has arrived.

we come to see

We go down to see what is happening.


The first turfs are cut.


A dumper truck takes away the top soil, to be used later when reseeding the edges.


We decided on a winding path from Copperfields estate to join the main path in the park. Later, we will do some planting in this area.


Doesn't it look good.



March 2021

At last we can plant the trees we were given by the Woodland Trust. Thanks Douglas for looking after them all this time. Altogether we planted 278 trees - rowan, hazel, elder, crab apple - some by the little gate from Duncrievie Road and some in the area between the top gate and the top of Copperfield. Eventually we will plant bulbs and wild flowers under the trees to make a delightful woodland area for everyone.

It is unfortunate that, due to Covid restrictions, we could not hold the community planting event that we planned. However, we hope that everyone will help look after the new trees. The BBC's Countryfile programme currently has a Plant Britain project and we have added the total of trees planted in our community.

just bare grass

In the beginning - just bare grass. We marked out where trees were to go.

get your equipment

Everybody grab a spade and find a spot to plant.

first dig a hole

First dig a hole.

put in the sapling

Then plant your sapling.

add a cane and a sleeve for protection

Add a cane and a sleeve to keep the sapling safe. Well done Alistair.

three left over

Three left over! Don't worry, Margaret will find a suitable place.

end result

All planted. In a few years time, this should be a beautiful little woodland.

dog helped

I helped too.



September 2020

Richard has finished painting the numerals on the sun clock. It looks great. Well done Richard.

finished sun clock  


July 2020

You can now see the newly-painted parts of the sun clock. We have completed the British Summertime arc and the month JUL. It'll soon be August, so Richard will have to get out the paintbrushes again.

sun clock July

June 2020

Despite the Lockdown, individual members of the Friends have been tidying up around the park.

planting bench

March 2020


Our pack of 400 saplings from the Woodland Trust has arrived. The pack includes hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, dog rose, elder and rowan.

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, we were unable to hold our community planting day. The saplings are now safe in a Friend's allotment and will stay there until the autumn.


November 2019

As part of the Woodland Trust's Big Climate Fightback, Friends of Wallace Park planted an oak tree in the park.

Ten years ago, Alison planted an acorn. Look at it now!

Richard starts the hole for its new home.

Everyone joins in to help.

The 'Duncan Oak' is planted.

There will be more planting to be done in the spring ...



September 2019

Planting crocuses around the sun clock. Thanks to Glenfarg and Duncrievie In Bloom for the donation of the bulbs.

crocus crocus

We are all hard at work filling in funding applications. Our target is £190K. Can you help in any way? Then please contact us.

August 2019

Having weeded the Sun Clock several times over the summer, it was decided to renovate it completely with landscaping fabric and gravel. The clock stones have been scrubbed and Gillian will paint in the numbers and the months.

The gravel is delivered.

The fabric is positioned.

This is fun! Just like dressmaking.

A convoy of wheelbarrows and then we start spreading.

Looking good. It was definitely worth all the effort.


August 2019

Glenfarg was hit by storms this summer. The council need to know if any damaged branches are in a dangerous state, so the Friends played their part by getting in touch with their contacts at Greenspace.


July 2019

We have the plans from the PKC Landscape Architect! For your information, they are posted on our noticeboard at the Elm Row entrance to the park. We are also showing them at this year's Glenfarg Gala.


4th June 2019

We have the results of our Park Photo Competition. And the winner is . . . . Sarah Wilkins!


Sarah receiving her prize from Councillor Callum Purves.

27th April 2019

A rather wet Volunteers Day, but thanks to the Tennis Club for letting us use the pavilion.The kids had a great time painting stones (given to us by Websters) and they are now displayed on the cairn.

11th August 2018

Our first Volunteers Day! Thanks to In Bloom for giving us a hand. We managed to clear lots of neglected areas and the kids had great fun making bug houses.

Pruning back the philadelphus and clearing the undergrowth, so that you can get through the gate.


Look what the kids made out of the the spare material that you brought down to the park.

June 2018

We take a stall at the Glenfarg Fete, to show people our proposals and collect feedback.