Glenfarg Oil Buying Syndicate (GOBS)

The Glenfarg Oil Buying Syndicate (GOBS) was set up by Dave and Kate Arnold in May 2011 with the aim of reducing the cost of heating oil to the residents of Glenfarg, Duncrievie, Drunzie and the surrounding area by combining individual orders into one bulk purchase and thereby obtaining a lower price per litre.  It also means there are fewer tankers coming into the village(s) so there is less congestion and pollution.

The Syndicate has grown steadily since its inception. It orders fuel 10 times a year with no order placed in June and August. The "Call for Orders" emails are generally sent out to members on the evening of the first Friday of the month.

There is no joining fee or annual subscription i.e., membership is free.  Ordering is simple and there is no commitment to participate in any or every combined order. Over 2021, average savings in the cost per litre of heating oil to members were between 13% to 16%.

GOBS is now organised by James Harbayes. If you want to join GOBS or want more information, contact James at or give him a ring on 07769 228759. You can also join on line by filling in this form. By joining you will be accepting our Terms and Conditions which can be viewed here.

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If you want to remove yourself from the GOBS system, enter your e-mail in the space below and click the "Remove" button. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address and the GOBS administrator will be notified.

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